Pure Kawakawa Oil
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Pure Kawakawa Oil

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Pure Kawakawa Oil

100ml or 50ml in a handy dropper bottle. 

Made specifically with healing in mind. These Kawakawa infused oils are blended together and infused over time to promote calming and heal Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. Sooth itchy skin. Pure Kawakawa oil can also be used as an unscented massage oil on sensitive skins.

Directions: Dab onto areas affected by skin conditions with cotton ball or sterile cloth then dispose so avoid cross contamination. When using as a massage oil pump into hands and warm before placing onto the body. Remember a little goes a long way. 

This product can be used in conjunction with Natural Nation Exclusives Kawakawa Healing Balm for extended healing and relief. 

Ingredients: Kawakawa Infused Pure Olive Oil, Kawakawa Infused Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil. 

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