MyCupNZ - Menstrual Cups

MyCup™ provide a long term , sustainable, body positive, cost-effective menstrual product alternative to all women in New Zealand. MyCup™ works with a buy-one-give-one model,  whereby every cup they sell also includes a donated cup to our community. These cups are then distributed via the community partners by people passionate about improving peoples lives. 

MyCup™ Menstrual Cup is considered a firmer style cup, the silicone will soften as it warms up inside you body. At first it can appear to be a bit larger than most cups but we have found that once you get the hang of inserting this cup you will find it will be one of the most comfortable cups you have ever used. Please check our cups folds page for more information on how to insert you cup.The base of the cup has our leaf design imprinted on the silicone to help with removal of the cup. This provides a lightly “grippy” surface to help with removal of the cup if you prefer to pinch the base of the cup to remove.The stem has been designed smaller and and the pearl-like increments make it easy to trim. Once trimmed the cup retains its aesthetics and remains comfortable with no sharp edges. The stem is shorter, rounder and you will be less aware of its presence.The design and production team have worked tirelessly to bring this exceptional cup to the people of New Zealand

For all the info you will need on MyCup NZ you can access their support page.

Here you will find articles on: How to insert you MyCup, Which size MyCup you need, How to clean, Menstrual Cup Folds and Info on your period and all the environmental and body factors that coming along with the benefits of a MyCup.