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Eco Friendly Home

Eco Friendly Home Collection.

This collection was inspired with the desire to make your home as eco-friendly and waste free as possible. As a busy mum myself I understand completely that sometimes as much as we want our homes to be completely eco-freindly and waste free it is super hard in modern society with the amount of things that come coated or encased in plastic. 

In this section you will find canvas and hemp bags for shopping and replacing those nasty plastics. Aluminium bottles and keep cups. Eco-friendly home cleaning and so much more. We have been inspired to take on this journey and you can follow along our blog series as well to see tips and tricks on how to convert your home and reduce your foot print. 

Whats good for your home is good for you, and whats good for you is good for the earth. 

Also take a look at our Gift Packs Collection to see the vast options that we bring to you in the form of sustainable gifts and or just great buys for yourself. 



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