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Safety Razor 101

Safety Razor 101

Since introducing Safety Razors to our stock we thought we would give you a quick rundown on everything Safety Razor including how to piece the different styles together and a few tips and tricks for getting used to waste-free shaving. 

Safety Razor vs. Disposable 

  • Safety Razors give less skin irritation, shaving rash and ingrown hairs by using one ultra sharp blade vs 5 blades that come stacked into a cartridge, basically each pass with a safety razor is 5 times less irritating than that of a cartridge razor. 
  • Unparalleled Shave : The Safety Razor will give you the best shave, using  one sharp blade will give you a close, smooth shave the quality of the steel used in the razors also plays a major role in how sharp they end up and thus how well they shave. While cartridge razors tend to use cheap, inferior quality steel, many double edge safety razor blades use medical grade stainless or carbon steel, which can be sharpened to a much finer, thinner edge without degrading. This means that these blades can also provide a much closer shave, without the need to go over the same spot many times.
  • PRICE : While the safety razor itself may cost anywhere between twenty and several hundred dollars, this is really a onetime cost, as the all metal razors itself should last for a lifetime.
    So don’t think about the cost of the razor itself and instead focus on the cost of the blade. Cartridges just keep going up and up in price, with some of the newer ones costing as much as $10 per cartridge. Since you’ll probably only get three to four shaves out of a cartridge at most, this could easily end up costing you well over several hundred dollars a year.
    On the other hand, even the best double edge razor blades generally sell for less than $1 per blade, which could quickly add up to some serious savings in the long run. So even if you’re not concerned with doing your face and skin a favor, at least do your wallet a favor and choose the smarter, sharper, more sensible option.
  • ENVIRONMENT: a massive bonus (for us at Natural Nation) is the zero waste benefit the safety razor brings us. Right now we stock the Albatross Safety Razors which come in a small organic cotton bag with the razor and a tiny pack with 10 blades each individually wrapped in paper. We pack them in a box to keep the products and our posties hands safe. Standard cartridge razors are virtually impossible to recycle or break down and worldwide over 2 billion are thrown out each year adding significantly to our global waste crisis. 


Different Types of Safety Razor. 

Generally speaking their are so many different types of Safety Razor but in this blog we will be focusing on the two that we sell . The Butterfly Razor & The Standard 3 Piece. The only difference between the two is how you put them together neither one shaves better than the other and this choice is all down to personal preference. 

The Butterfly Safety Razor.... 


The Butterfly Safety Razor, So simple its amazing. Twist the bottom of the Razor Handle to open up the top of the Razor ...

 Place the Blade CAREFULLY inside ... 

Twist again to close, make sure it is done up tight and your Butterfly Safety Razor is ready to use. 


Standard 3 Piece Razor ... 


The Standard 3 Piece Razor is again so simple and easy. Set up slightly different to the butterfly this model comes apart at the top and splits into 3 parts (4 Once you add the Blade) 

 Unscrew this model at the top by holding the ends and turning the handle until it comes apart to give you the 3 parts shown ... 

 ... ...

Place the top guard face down with the screw facing upwards, place your Blade CAREFULLY on top as pictured, followed by the bottom guard making sure that the curves are facing upward... 


Finally screw the handle back onto the stacked guard units and blade. Your Standard 3 Piece Razor is now ready to use. 

Final Tips & Tricks.

  1. Make sure to hold the razor at a 30 degree angle. Or use the lower lip of the bottom guard as a guide along the skin.
  2. Make sure to lather soap or shave foam well and make sure that the area is well moisturized. 
  3. Do not dig or put pressure on the blade. 
  4. If you suffer from ingrown hairs make sure to slow down and take your time 
  5. Your new razor is sharp be careful 
  6. Also make sure to dispose of your used blades in the proper manner for example in a sharps bin or simply wrap in cardboard and send back to us and we will dispose of them for you. DO NOT PUT IN THE BIN,
Enjoy the savings and making the world a cleaner and better place



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