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Menstrual Cups ... All You Need To Know

Menstrual Cups ... All You Need To Know

History, How to, Money Saver & The Environment - Everything your need to know about the MY CUP & Menstrual Cups In General. 


Safety Razor 101

Safety Razor 101

  • Safety Razors give less skin irritation, shaving rash and ingrown hairs by using one ultra sharp blade vs 5 blades that come stacked into a cartridge, basically each pass with a safety razor is 5 times less irritating than that of a cartridge razor. 
  • Unparalleled Shave : The Safety Razor will give you the best shave, using  one sharp blade will give you a close, smooth shave the quality of the steel used in the razors also plays a major role in
16 Benefits of Magnesium Oil

16 Benefits of Magnesium Oil

The miracle that is magnesium!
Magnesium is a mineral, one of the key minerals that aid the body in maintaining overall health. Magnesium works to aid the body in calcium absorption by the body, playing a major role in the creation and strengthening of bones and teeth. Magnesium is a part in 300 enzymatic reactions in the body including the breakdown of food aiding in digestion, processing fatty acids and proteins and the transfer of nerve impulses.